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Mail in CEU program
Choose a topic you will want to read information on, be willing to do some exercises with and complete a questionaire. By testifying you performed the exercises requested and passing the questionaire with 90% accuracy you will be sent a certificate of completing the hours of continuing education the topic has been approved for. A packet is sent with each order with specific instructions.

The Common Ethical Issues in working with a Client: Confidentiality, Documentation and Boundaries. This workshop can be for three or six hours of ethics depending if you want to work on your Ethical Audit in your practice. The choice is yours. Standards of practice and case illustrations for the three areas along with the Legal Principles, Ethical Decision Making process and Ethical Audit Tool.

Elder Care. Through this workshop one will be able to grasp the insurance issues, including Medicare, housing options, recovery options, legal issues: ensuring your voice and caregiver issues.

Leadership;Identify the five areas for leadership as well as the five building blocks in leadership. Identify three means to develop leadership within themselves. Define leadership and cite the ethical responsibilities for leadership.

Teambuilding. Through this workshop one will identify the five building blocks for teamwork, articulate how teams become dysfunctional, discuss the difficulties in building successful teams and build win win situations.

Other topics by title include:
Creating Peace in Your Life, a Self-Care Ethic,
Ethical Wills, Transcending Values: Tools for Change,
The Treatment Aspects of Spirituality
Hope: A Foundational Ethic
Relapse Prevention through Physical Activity
The Geriatric Explosion.
Grief: Trust and Hope for Growth

Look at the CEU list on the SITE page; most of them can be done by mail.

Cost is $20 each, 3 hr of CEU credit for most, some 1 hr programs for $10. 

What topics would you like to have available for continuing education by mail?

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The topics I would like to see include: