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Personal and Professional Development

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Public Presentations

These topics are suited for businesses and community as well as professionals. For more healthcare oriented topics, please go the the Continuing Education page. Topics are 1-3 hrs in length depending upon your interest; all day or workshop formats are also available. Serial topic presentations are utilized.  Fee is also determined by length and copying for handouts. These presentations are delivered in community centers, agencies, businesses, churches, chamber of commerce, conventions and other lecture style or small group discussion arenas. If there is a topic you have interest in and you do not see it, please call or email me and we can discuss the option of developing that for you. Thank you for your consideration.



Anger—Self Care: The ABC’s

Becoming the Best You Can Be: Character Affects Our Clients

Becoming an Effective Manager

Becoming an Effective Team

Caring for the Caregiver, Don't Become the Client                     

Celebrate: Reflect, Reframe and Role  

Confidentiality and HIPPA              
Cultivating Leadership Inside and Out    
Delivery of Cultural Competent Services     
Depression and the Elderly                              
Dreams: Personal and Professional Growth
Ducks in a Row: Impact of the Decision Making Documents

Elder Care Issues
Elder Abuse and Neglect-the Diversity within Cultures                     
Ethical Will: Creating Your Legacy
Ethnicity and Dementia, Practice Issues
Ethnicity and Dementia, Family Caregiving Issues 
Grief: Trust and Hope for Growth                     
Hope, Governance and Leadership            
Holiday Stress
Leadership Challenges
Medicare and Medicaid: The Financial Implications  
Organizational Culture: People, the Heart of Success                   
Psychological Fitness: A Tool for Recovery
Spirituality and Dementia--Diversity Issues            
Stress and Self Care: Create Peace            
Teamwork and Communication            
The Seeds of Leadership